The Milestone CrossFit Team

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our founder

Russell and Brooke Daniel

Hi! We are Russell and Brooke Daniel (and Haley). We love CrossFit and it has changed our lives. Here is a little about our journey:

We started our CrossFit journey at Milestone in 2017. Both of us were collegiate athletes and we struggled finding consistent workout routines that challenged us. We floated in and out of several Globo-gyms before a friend recommended CrossFit. After just one workout, I (Russell) was sold on CrossFit and Brooke followed very quickly. Soon after joining Milestone, we began to accepted into this amazing community and loved it that much more. When the opportunity came along for us to purchase the business from our friends, Ben and Amber McCue, we jumped at the chance, hoping to help others find the same community and improve their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. We hope you will join us and get to know all our awesome coaches and clients that make Milestone the place we love so much!

our coaches


Gloriana’s CrossFit journey started in 2016, after having three daughters back to back, she needed something that would keep her excited and consistent. She loves the variation that CrossFit offers and the community is something that can’t be beat.
CrossFit was exactly what Gloriana needed but the journey got even better when she started concentrating on nutrition. Through focused attention to her diet she really got the results that she’d been looking for. Gloriana is down over 50 pounds and lost over 14% body fat! As she likes to say, “I’m a ‘masterpiece under construction.'”


Debra started CrossFit back in January of 2013. She chose CrossFit to change her lifestyle and be an overall healthier person. It took her 6 months to bring herself to attend her first class, but one class and she was sold. She even got her entire family involved.
Debra spent 4 years in the United States Marine Corp. She’s a stickler for form and loves to help athletes to find their best form and find the best athlete within them. She also holds Weightlifting Level 1 Cert.


Najja has a wide range of athletic experience having spent 15 years coaching competitive cheerleading and tumbling. Najja’s patience and skills have helped him coach at the middle school, high school and collegiate levels.
Najja spent 4 years on the University of Texas Cheerleading team. Najja found CrossFit in 2012 and joined Milestone in 2014.


Coach Lydia is from central New York and has a passion for coaching! Her CrossFit journey began in 2017 when she stumbled into a box. She immediately fell in love with CrossFit and began coaching in 2018. She now has her CF-L2, CF Weightlifting, Kids CF, and CrossFit Gymnastic with an extensive background in gymnastics and diving.

Coach Lydia can’t wait to meet you and help you in your journey to fitness!

Milestone Crossfit Coach


While in pharmacy school, Alex was looking to make a life change, get in shape, and gain muscle. She started CrossFit classes in February of 2015 and fell in love. CrossFit changed how she ate, slept, and spent the other 23 hours of her day outside the gym.

By April of 2015 Alex was participating in local competitions and by October was coaching classes. Alex fell in love with the technique and skill required to perform Olympic lifts and gymnastic movements. CrossFit led Alex to competitions and athlete camps, where she learned how crucial proper nutrition is to fuel your body for workouts and how a great nutrition coach can turn your life around. Always a fan of balance you will see Alex crushing protein shakes and broccoli in the same day as Chic-Fil-A nuggets and large fries. “I want to be the nutrition coach for Milestone Athletes that Jess was for me. A friend first, sort of a therapist in a way, and then a nutrition coach. I am ready and open to help anyone of any level learn about and improve their nutrition.” Alex is a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach, CrossFit L2 Trainer, an NASM Personal Trainer, and USAW Weightlifting Level 1 Coach with certifications from Power Monkey Camp, Art of Breath, and Kettlebell RX.